New Ads Plugin – Beta Testers Wanted

We’ve rewritten our old Random Ads / Rotating Ads plugin. Those old plugins can be found here:

The new plugin has the following features:

– set impression limit (ad doesn’t get displayed after X number of impressions)

– set start date (date ad should not appear before)

– set end date (date ad should not appear after)

– has shortcode for use in posts, page and widgets

– has PHP code for use in template files

– works with caching plugins (tested with W3TC Enhanced Page Cache). Impressions are still counted and ads are ordered randomly even if you have caching enabled. (Doesn’t work if your site’s visitor has JavaScript disabled in their browser.)

– Add any type of ad.

– Set up groups for your ads to control where they display.

– Turn ON/OFF impression counting when admins view pages.

So far, no documentation. Use at your own risk. Hopefully set up is straightforward but videos and docs to follow.

Thanks for testing!

UPDATE 2013-03-18 11:32:36

We’ve officially released the plugin. Read more here:

Dynamically add link to WordPress menu based on user’s logged in status

In the recent redesign I wanted to modify the main menu (the horizontal menu that appears at the top of every page) to show a different menu item at the end of the menu based on the user’s logged in status.

To show you what I mean, here’s what the menu is supposed to look like when not logged in:


And here’s what the menu was supposed to look like when a user was logged in:


Due to some issues with W3 Total Cache and the fact that our logged in users were not logged in through WordPress (rather they are logged in through our Amember software), I was unable to get what I wanted while still caching pages. However, if you are simply relying on WordPress’s login system (and you probably are), this method will work. As a side note, fragment caching did not help solve the issue.

First, you need to make sure you have a menu configured under Appearance > Menus and that your menu is set to Primary Navigation.


Next is just a matter of adding a little code to your theme’s functions.php file. Here’s a working example for the Twenty Twelve theme (be sure to exclude the opening php tags:

After you add that to your theme’s functions.php file and refresh your page, you should notice a new link appended to your Primary Navigation menu and that the link dynamically changes based on the user’s logged in status.

Plugins are good for you, but only in moderation

In the recent redesign of Datafeedr we choose 9 plugins (including 1 custom plugin) to build the new site. I don’t like to build sites using too many plugins. The more plugins that you activate the slower your site will potentially run. Also, the more plugins you have the more maintenance and updates you have to do. However the biggest reason I don’t install too many plugins is out of fear that those plugins won’t survive the next (minor or major) release of WordPress or will be abandoned/neglected by the plugin authors. I don’t hold that against the plugin developers. The plugins are free. Their time is expensive. Things change. Interests shift. Life happens.

I wanted to share the 9 plugins we used to build Datafeedr:

Over the next few weeks I’ll post about some of these plugins, what I like about them and in some cases how I tweaked them to suite our needs.


We finally revamped all of our ‘front facing’ pages. We had been using our old design for about 3 years and it was getting pretty old and outdated. We’re pretty happy with the new look! And now we have a blog we can use for announcements, news and whatever else is going on in the AM world.

There may be a broken image or link here and there so if you encounter anything strange, feel free to let us know.

Webinar with Michael Kane

On February 27th, 2012, we interviewed long time Datafeedr member Michael Kane regarding how he builds his affiliate stores. Michael has had great success doing affiliate marketing. He shares his tips and strategies on how to pick a niche, choose keywords, set up a store and promote the store.

PDF Version

Download PDF version (544Kb)

Audio Version

Download audio version (137.6Mb) Right Click and “Save Link As…”

Video Version


There is a member’s only thread here where you can ask follow-up questions for Michael. Please respect Michael’s time by only asking questions that weren’t already addressed in the webinar. features Eric from featured Eric from in one of their video interviews. shines a light on the people that make an impact on Small Business. Interviews with entrepreneurs, small business owners, angel investors, venture capitalists, government policy makers, marketing agencies, pr companies, and more… all designed to learn and share their Method of Operating… their M.O.