FlipKart Now Available


– India’s largest ecommerce company – is now available in Datafeedr with over 2 million products!

In addition to Amazon India this is the second Indian merchant we’re adding to Datafeedr giving Indian affiliates more options to monetize their sites.

3 Replies to “FlipKart Now Available”

  1. Stefan,

    thanks for including Indian markeplace.
    there are few other major affiliate networks
    do consider these


    also IMO, wordpress is not an efficient ecommerce system, if you can consider datafeedr for Magento 2.0, spreecommerce, this will be a great offering in the market

  2. Hi,

    I am not able to see Amazon India in Datafeedr API -> Networks list!!
    Please guide me with where do I can find the same.

    Thank you

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