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Modifying WooCommerce Product URLs

Before WooCommerce 2.5, it was possible to change/modify/override the URL to the product page using a filter on the the_permalink hook. For example, you could do this: That would change all of the links to your product pages to a link to Google instead. If you felt compelled to give Google more Page Rank, you could […]

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Speeding up large Datafeedr + WooCommerce stores

I wanted to share a few links from Dave Hilditch over at He’s shared some tips on how to optimize for large, 100K+ product stores on WooCommerce. Check them out here: Best hosting for Datafeedr affiliate stores Getting Datafeedr working FAST with 50,000 products in Woocommerce or more Hopefully these help some folks struggling […]


Amazon Local US Now Available

Amazon Local US – Amazon’s daily deals website – is now available in Datafeedr giving Amazon affiliates more options to monetize their sites! Get access to 20.000+ deals and unique experiences across a full range of categories which include restaurants, travel, beauty, entertainment, and much more.


FlipKart Now Available

FlipKart – India’s largest ecommerce company – is now available in Datafeedr with over 2 million products! In addition to Amazon India this is the second Indian merchant we’re adding to Datafeedr giving Indian affiliates more options to monetize their sites.